Nukkles – Things That Make You Feel Good

The World’s Greatest Backrub

The year was 2001, and Don Brown walked into his Health and Fitness Club located in Chester New Jersey when he noticed that one of his employees left a funny looking device at the front desk for a client. When he saw the device he asked her a simple question “What are those things?” She responded, “Let me show you!” After rubbing his back for less than a minute, He was amazed. It was by far the BEST BACK RUB he had have ever experienced.
Don asked his fitness director, Sean Gagnon, if he knew about this new Nukkles product and Sean informed him that the employee who gave the demo had sold over 70 pairs to our club members in the last two weeks!! Without hesitation, Don responded, “We can sell millions of these things!” With Sean as his partner, they formed The Nukkles Company and acquired the rights from the inventor to market and distribute NUKKLES. As of this writing over 3 million pairs of Nukkles have been purchased by people all over the world.
The Nukkles Company has expanded its line of feel good products throughout the years to include other wellness products such as The Tingler Head Massager, Botanical Fresh herbal packs and the FootLog foot massager.

The Nukkles Company has a Simple Mission

To sell innovative products that make people feel good. Today more than ever we need to take the time and help each other decompress, unwind and relax. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to achieve these outcomes and to share good feelings with our friends and families. All of us at the Nukkles Company are committed to providing you with amazing feel good products products for you to enjoy day after day.